A big hug for Fifa

A big hug for Fifa

Fifa Near the end of Spring 2019 someone contacted the shelter saying that they had seen a small dog tied to a tree near the shelter. The staff searched for him and eventually found him; a sweet little guy with one cute little tooth sticking out from his bottom jaw! Fifa was adopted once but there were lots of potty accidents, so he was brought back to the shelter. He was such a kind dog, always longing for a warm embrace. He craved affection and would jump up and down until someone would hug him. In October 2021, Fifa went to Montreal Canada to claim his own exclusive hug. This is why you see him locked in an embrace in all his photos with his new family.

It puts smiles on our faces knowing that Fifa (now named Wolfe) will be loved by wonderful people. He’s now having lots of fun with his new family in the mountains along with a playmate next door and 5 cat siblings.

یک آغوش گرم و بزرگ برای فیفا

اواخر بهار ۹۷ شخصی تماس گرفت و گفت سگ کوچکی را که پیدا کرده، نزدیک پناهگاه به درختی بسته. بچه‌های پناهگاه اطراف را گشتند و فیفا را پیدا کردند، شیرین با آن یک دندان بیرون زده فک پایین! ❤

فیفا یک بار واگذار شد ولی آنقدر خطای دستشویی داشت که به پناهگاه برگشت. فیفا مهربان و عاشق بغل… آنقدر میپرید بالا تا بالاخره آن بغل را از کسی که می خواست می گرفت.

ماه اکتبر 2021، فیفا رفت مونترال کانادا تا یک بغل اختصاصی برای خودش داشته باشد. بیخود نیست که عکس هاش همه تو بغل سرپرست جدیدش است.

فیفا حالا اسمش شده وُلفی و با خانواده جدیدش و با سگ و 5 گربه همسایه بازی و تفریح میکنه.