Adopted, in Ontario, Canada- December 2019

Alp was full of feelings and love. If someone touched his head he would give out a howling noise to show his gratitude and his craving for more attention. The question was who would want him with that defected skull?  Gradually Alp realized that nobody wanted him. On Fridays, he would go for walks with the volunteers, but it was just a stroll. He was getting used to not being the center of attention. To have a family and home of his own was just a dream that would not come true.  That’s why Alp became more reclusive.

  Alp, a small breed dog, was found in a factory yard in an industrial town in the outskirts of the city of Karaj.  On top of his head, there was a big hole infested with larvae. The injury probably resulted from a blow to the head.  One of the staff felt pity and arranged for a vet to visit him.  The initial care was administered, but a serious injury like that needed more attention. So Alp was brought to the shelter.  With further investigation, it was diagnosed that the infection had progressed near the eyeball and the sinuses, and if not treated it could affect his eyesight. However, Alp’s treatment was successful and he overcame the colossal pain and suffering.  He was named Alp, because in Turkish it means “The Champion”.  He well deserved the name.  The hole in his skull healed and hair grew on it, but the deformity on the skull would remain. 

After being homeless in the streets Alp now had a place to feel safe.  Here no one would harm him, people liked him, but he did not have someone just for himself.