Good news, We won!

Good news, We won!

Mahnaz Mashouf is one of the hard-working volunteers of “Friends of Vafa in Canada” who has been working with our team for over 7 years now.

Mahnaz works for DHL, and this year she participated in a company-wide competition that involves charities. She introduced Friends of Vafa’s Surgical Caps Campaign, a campaign focused on makes surgical caps for hospital workers in support of the Vafa shelter. Even with high number of participants, some of whom were from other nationalities, she was able to win the competition.

Mahnaz worked very hard to win this contest. Despite working full-time while continuing her education, supporting her husband and taking care of her children, she also has participated in the Surgical Caps Campaign. She purchased a computer program for editing videos and taught herself to produce and edit a short video showcasing the work of Friends of Vafa in Canada and Vafa Shelter. With a friendly and touching voiceover on the video, she touched the hearts of the judges at the contest.

After watching the video, the judges realized that what Mahnaz and her friends are doing is philanthropic in many ways. It drew attention and a higher degree of respect towards the Healthcare Workers and also helped the stray animals in Iran by the donation made to the shelter. Additionally, it also encouraged working towards protecting the environment by producing reusable masks and surgical caps, thus reducing the need for a one-time use of protective equipment.

Mahnaz donated the entire prize of this contest, which was $1550, to Vafa Animal Shelter.

Dear Mahnaz, we are very grateful for your generosity, and we are proud to have a member like you. We wish you nothing but good health, prosperity, and happiness.

Below You can read Mahnaz’s narration on her video. 


Every year DHL opens the competition for its employees from around the world. It is an opportunity to talk about any good causes that the employees are involved with through volunteering and fundraising.  

“DHL’s Got Heart” is the chance to celebrate DHL Express employees who give their time to support charitable causes close to their hearts.  

I have been involved with different charity activities since I remember, but it’s been over 7 years that I have been working closely with Canadian animal lovers and friends of Vafa. A dog shelter in Iran with more than 1500 disabled, homeless, injured dogs to support.   Due to the new situation in the world and the effort to fight COVID-19, many fundraising activities have been canceled, but we didn’t take a step back! We decided to do it differently. We recognized the essential needs for masks and Nursing scrub caps so we started to make reusable scrub caps for doctors and nurses, for hospitals and nursing homes, and brought smiles to our front line health care workers’ faces. However, when these wonderful people realized what the nature of our organization was, they donated to us, which enabled us to prepare food for our 1500 dogs. This is an ongoing project, and we are trying to keep helping humans, animals, and nature as our hats are not one-time use products. Seeing smiles on our health care workers’ faces and our heroes is priceless and in the end, I can say thank you health care heroes.

یک خبر خوش  

مهناز مشعوف، یکی از داوطلبان پر کار و خستگی ناپذیر در گروه دوستان وفا در کانادا است که بیش از هفت سال مدام با این گروه همکاری داشته است.

مهناز در کمپانی دی اچ ال کار می کند و امسال در مسابقه ی سالانه این کمپانی که نگاهی به کارهای خیریه دارد، شرکت کرد و با انتخاب موضوع کمپین دوستان وفا در کانادا که دوخت ماسک و کلاه بیمارستانی برای کارکنان بیمارستان ها به نفع پناهگاه های وفا بود، توانست رقبای زیادی از ملیت های مختلف را پشت سر بگذارد و برنده جایزه کشوری این مسابقه شود.

مهناز برای این مسابقه خیلی زحمت کشید. علیرغم کار تمام وقت و اشتغال به تحصیل و همسر و فرزند و همچنین مشارکت در دوخت کلاه های پرستاری، نرم افزار تهیه فیلم خرید و با خودآموزی یاد گرفت که چگونه فیلم کوتاهی از کار گروه دوستان وفا در کانادا و همچنین فعالیت های پناهگاه وفا بسازد و با گفتاری صمیمانه و تاثیرگذار روی فیلم توانست هیئت داوران را تحت تأثیر قرار دهد.

با دیدن فیلم داوران متوجه شدند که کاری که مهناز و دوستانش انجام داده اند، یک کار نیکوکاری چندسویه بوده، هم توجه و احترام به نیاز کارکنان بخش بهداشت کشور، هم اهدای کمک های مالی حاصل از آن به حیوانات بی پناه و نیازمند، و هم توجه به محیط زیست با تشویق به استفاده از ماسک و کلاه قابل شستشو و کاهش استفاده از ماسک و کلاه یک بار مصرف.

مهناز چک جایزه این مسابقه که مبلغ 1550 دلار بود را به دوستان وفا اهدا کرده است.

مهناز جان، برای این سخاوتمندی بسیار سپاسگزاریم و به داشتن عضوی همچون تو افتخار می کنیم و برایت سلامتی و موفقیت و شادی آرزو داریم.