Our Mission

To provide and further assist Friends of Vafa Animal Shelter, a non- governmental charitable organization for the purpose of providing shelter and proper care to abandoned pets and other animals, through the provision of supplies and equipment necessary to perform its charitable purpose.

To minimize and reduce the incidence of animal abuse and mistreatment by assisting Friends of Vafa Animal Shelter in establishing, operating, and maintaining abandoned pets and other animals.

To educate the public, professionals and Persian speakers around the world about the prevention of, and responses to, the abuse of pets and other animals by running an educational website in Farsi language, collecting and disseminating information on that topic, and also by offering courses, seminars, conferences, and meetings.

Knowledge Is Power!

A lack of knowledge is the most probable explanation for many of the difficulties across the world. For example, some countries have different languages from the main language which most resources are written in.
Mrs. Motamedi, the founder, and creator of Vafa is trying to bridge this knowledge gap with a team of professionals. The result of this work is a website for Farsi speakers worldwide. The main subject of this website is nature and animals.
All animal lovers can benefit from this website, like animal activists, rescues, shelters, sanctuaries, universities, and many more.

To cover expenses and to launch this website, Mrs. Motamedi has started a GoFundMe campaign. Please donate if you can! And remember that knowledge is power!


Donate & Support

Show your love for animals and help every pet find the loving home they deserve. Learn how we make a significant, life-saving impact for pets in communities across the world.