Japaw (Footprint in Farsi): A Bridge to Knowledge

In many societies, limited knowledge or limited access to updated information is one of the main reasons for an animal’s miserable life. Due to research and technology, information about nature and wildlife, as well as domestic animals are very advanced now, but many countries and societies still lack knowledge about the same subject.  The main reason for this is very simple! Having a different language than the language of the provided resources (which are mainly in English)..

Based on statistics, more than 120 million people around the world speak Farsi. The language barriers within the research and resources are very worrying when it comes to helping mother nature and animals.

I am trying to build a bridge of knowledge and information between two sides of the world! In fact, the plan is to build a website with a collection of up-to-date resources in Farsi. I have several years of experience as a researcher, as well as great experience in translating a number of books and articles in this field.

This website can benefit all people who are passionate about nature, as well as, animal lovers, rescuers, and activists. With all up to date information and other individuals’ or groups’ experiences, everybody can participate more effectively.

To reach this goal, I need your help! Your donations, small or large, can help me to create a good team, get access to the resources, translating and editing, website design and maintenance, marketing, and much more.

Having the right information and knowledge would be one of the most important tools to support nature, the environment, and all the living creatures. Please help!


“Japaw” projects is a Canadian based project which when done is accessible from everywhere in the world!

Thank you,

Fatemeh Motamedi